Why do we need to hear?
Hearing is important for many things, mainly relating to communication. When you are talking to your friends or talking to your teacher or parent, the listening that you are doing is because of your sense of hearing. You can explain to your child that if everyone could speak, but not hear, then no one would be able to listen to each other. It is also important sense to have in dangerous situations. If a smoke alarm goes off in your house, you use your sense of hearing to recognize the sound so that you can get out of your house incase there is a fire. You also use your sense of hearing in the car to listen to traffic on the radio, or listen for sirens.
How does it work?
We hear with our ears. It is the sense of sound perception. Vibrations go through a medium such as air creating sound as we know it. Therefore, the ability to detect these vibrations is the sense of sound. The vibrations are detected through your eardrum and tiny little bones and hairs in your ear. You can explain to your child that someone that does not have a sense of hearing, is Deaf. By exposing your children to the cause of disabilities and by explaining to them what different disabilities are, your child can grow up to be more accepting and understanding of people that may be a little different then them.

What do we hear?
  • Police car and fire engine sirens
  • People talking
  • Fire alarms
  • Dogs barking
  • People singing
  • Car's honking
  • Music on the radio


Why do we need it?
Our sense of smell allows us to recognize the different scents in the world. This is not only necessary to help us smell our favorite foods or perfume, but it is also necessary in order to sense danger. If there is a fire in your house, the first way that you realize what is happening is by smelling the smoke. It could be very dangerous if you did not have this ability.
How does it work?
We smell with our nose. Not only does our nose help us breathe, but it is the part of our body that allows us to smell. There are little tiny receptors in your nose that help you smell. A fun fact that you can tell your child is that dogs have an even better sense of smell than we do, even though the anatomy of the way a dog smells is very similar to ours. Another fun fact is that many insects have the receptors on their antennae, not their noses.

More information about your sense of smell can be found here!


Today I am going to focus on SIGHT I am going to stay basic for now. I will talk about what each sense is used for, how it works and why it is needed.

Why do we need it?
Sight is used to see all the beautiful things that there are in the world. Sight is necessary to be able to know your surroundings and the world around you.
How does it work?
You see with your eyes. It is your brains ability to recognize electromagnetic waves within visible sight. This information is most likely too advanced for your young child, so for now, you can just keep it simple by explaining to your child that you see with your eyes. You can also mention that every person's eyes look different (different colors, shapes etc.) however, they all serve the same purpose, and that is seeing.
Another thing that you can speak with your child about it is problems with sight. Many young children need glasses, so mentioning to your child that since everyone's eyes are different, the way that we see if different as well. This could help them understand that wearing glasses doesn't make you weird, it is just your eye's way of seeing properly.
Other things that you could speak with your child about are blindness, and color blindness.

Here is a list of some things that we use our sense of sight for:
  • To see the white board at school
  • To watch fireworks on the Fourth of July
  • To read a book
  • To watch a movie
  • To look at art in a museum
  • To watch where you are walking so that you don't fall and get hurt
Here are some links that you can use with your children that relate to sight and your eyes!

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